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FOGEL GROUP is the parent company of a group dedicated to manufacturing, design, sales and service of commercial refrigerators, with a comprehensive product lineup of 200+ models adapted to customer needs. Having presence in 50+ countries around the world including North, South and Central America, The Caribbean, Europe, Africa and India, FOGEL is a key supplier to the world’s largest beverage groups, and has several regional and local customers across other industries such as food service, supermarket, ice cream, dairy, and other refrigerated consumer goods companies.


With 50+ years of experience operating in Latin America, FOGEL GROUP is one of the pioneer companies in the world in design and manufacturing of commercial refrigeration equipment. Two production facilities are owned and operated by the group, one in Guatemala and one in Colombia, with a combined production capacity of 180,000 coolers per year.


Among FOGEL’s strengths is its capability to innovate and customize coolers so that they become marketing tools that enhance branding at the point of sale.